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Armfield 10m Flume Installed at Southern Cross University


Emona is proud to announce the successful installation and commissioning of an Armfield S6MkII Glass Sided Tilting Flume at South Cross University. At 10 meters in length, this is a major piece of research and teaching equipment for the Hydraulics Laboratory and will firmly establish SCU as a major facility of its type in Australia.

Armfield has been designing and supplying open channel facilities (sometimes referred to as flumes) to hydraulic laboratories throughout the world for over 50 years. The S6MkII is a self-contained glass sided tilting flume for fluid mechanics laboratory experiments, project work and research activities. The flume supplied to SCU has has a 10m working channel length. The flume cross-section is 300mm wide by 450mm deep.

A fabricated high precision stainless steel bed provides excellent strength and rigidity, eliminating the need for a separate under frame. No adjustments other than the jacking stations are necessary in order to set up and maintain the equipment, achieving typical bed deformations better than 1mm.

Each flume incorporates a discharge tank fitted with an adjustable overshot weir and draught tube to avoid splashing and noise. An electro-magnetic flow meter is incorporated as standard.

For more information, visit: http://discoverarmfield.com/en/products/view/s6mkii/glass-sided-tilting-flume



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