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Buyers Guide to Metal 3D Printers


Download the 21 page Markforged "Buyers Guide to Metal 3D Printers"

According to PWC, two thirds of manufacturers are currently implementing 3D printing — with metal 3D printing the most sought after solution. In this guide, our industry experts will help you cut through the noise by breaking down the real benefits of metal 3D printing, what technologies and materials are out there, and how you can take the first steps in adopting metal 3D printing in your own facility.

Read on about:

  • Metal 3D printers vs traditional manufacturing: ROI and technical benefits
  • Main spaces disrupted by metal 3D printing
  • Metal materials available for 3D printing today (and likely to exist in the future)
  • 4 types of 3D metal printers and their pro’s and con’s

 To download the guide, click: Markforged "Buyers Guide to Metal 3D Printers"

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