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Deakin University Installs Terco HV Laboratory


Deakin University has installed a specially customised DC test set from Terco, capable of reaching voltages up to 500kV.

The TERCO High Voltage Laboratory is based on a system of high precision components and can be used to build systems both for teaching and research, as well as for industrial routine and type tests. The system gives values with high accuracy and can even be used for calibration purposes.

The system will be used for undergraduate education, applied research, and industrial testing. Examples of tests include: Measuring of breakdown voltage of materials, Testing the effect of pollution & contaminants on resistors (dust, dirt, salt), and Examining the design of insulators used in high voltage areas.

Located in the purpose built ‘CADET’ Facility at Deakin University, the HV lab was recently installed by Terco and Emona Instruments engineers.

For more information on Terco High Voltage Labs:

The ‘CADET’ also incorporated Terco's PST-2200 Power System Simulator. For more information:

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