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Introducing Markforged Precise PLA: The Efficient Material for Concept Validation

Markforged Precise PLA lets you go from concept to production all on the same platform.

What is Precise PLA?

Precise PLA is Markforged's specialized version of one of the most common prototyping materials in the additive manufacturing industry, Polylactic Acid (PLA). Markforged will offer Precise PLA in eight color options - yellow, red, green, blue, orange, black, white, and gray. The Digital Forge has been calibrated, with changes in Eiger software, to print Precise PLA with excellent quality and repeatability. At $92 ex GST per 600cc spool Precise PLA now makes for a cost-efficient option for assessing designs using the Digital Forge.

When Should I use Precise PLA vs Onyx™ or Continuous Fibers?

We recommend Precise PLA as a more cost-effective option for prototypes, fit checks, or any other applications that don't need the enhanced mechanical properties of Onyx and/or continuous fiber. Additionally, the distinct colors can enhance usability and safety of shop tools and fixtures by facilitating communicative color codes.

PLA is not compatible with continuous fiber, so as a rule of thumb, if your part needs to be stronger, or more impact/heat resistant than your typical plastic, we recommend Onyx and the appropriate continuous fiber. To learn more about the many applications addressable with continuous fiber, check out this white paper. We anticipate many engineers and designers will first prototype designs using Precise PLA and then move into the production version using Onyx reinforced with continuous carbon fiber.

Incredible Versatility. Built for the Entire Product Lifecycle

Historically, Markforged users have created mission critical, tools and end use parts with Markforged's high quality printers and high-strength materials. By bringing cost-effective prototyping materials and functional applications together on one simple-to-use platform, Markforged now offers users a more streamlined approach to bringing final designs to life.

"A material devoted to lower-cost concept models and prototypes was a top feature request from Markforged customers. We heard this feedback and fine tuned our software and printers to print in Precise PLA, now giving our users an added dimension of versatility. We also hope this update empowers our customers to have a little more fun in the design process with the added splash of colors. This is just one more example of how the Digital Forge constantly powers new applications and gets better as we take in more data and feedback from our install base." Said President and CEO, Shai Terem.

Availability, Printer Compatibility, and Usage

Precise PLA is now available on our webs shop. The new material will print on Mark Two (Gen 2) and Onyx Pro (Gen 2) desktop series printers, which are equipped with our latest A3648 extruder, as well as all industrial series printers with the second-generation A3648 extruder. Check out this support article if you're unsure which generation your extruder is from. As a maintenance procedure specific to Precise PLA, you'll also need to occasionally purge the print head, so be sure to pick up a purge rod the first time you buy spools of Precise PLA.

For more information, click: https://www.emona.com.au/markforged

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