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Markforged Releases "Mark X" Industrial-Scale 3D Printing of Strong Carbon Fiber Parts


The Markforged Mark X is the most powerful 3D printer on the market. With industrial-scale printing of incredibly strong parts and first ever precision sensing systems, the Mark X is destined to be the must-have printer for every manufacturer.

Markforged is excited to announce the launch of the industry’s most powerful fiber composite 3D printer, the
Mark X. In addition to a large print volume, the Mark X introduces a set of breakthrough print capabilities that include in-process laser inspection as well as a fine (50 micron) surface finish to make this one of the most powerful, precise, and unique 3D printers on the market today.

The printer enables measurable and beneficial breakthroughs in manufacturing, design, and now supply chain
by printing precise, fully usable, and remarkably strong reinforced parts with innovative materials - all on itscloud-based networked software platform.

“We have taken a different path from most of the 3D printing industry with innovation that will create a new
bottom line benefit for many manufacturers” says Greg Mark, CEO and founder. “We already had success with
the breakthrough strength and light weight of continuous carbon fiber in our Mark Two printer - now we added
in-process inspection for exact dimensional accuracy, high resolution beautiful surface finish, and scale to open entirely new segments of the industry to efficiencies of what printing can accomplish.”

Markforged’s Mark X builds on the success of its existing unique technology and materials available in the
Mark Two, but adds a leap in capability and scale for fiber-reinforced printing of precision parts. A
commitment to innovative materials for quality, strength, and weight as well as ease of use and powerful
software remains at the core of the Markforged mission. With new in-process inspection for dimensional
accuracy, the Mark X gives engineers and designers the ability to close the loop on production and ensure
printed parts are exactly as designed. A laser sensor affixed to the print head will scan parts at any layer
designated in order to measure whether your most critical tolerances are met - all controlled by the award
winning Markforged Eiger software. In addition, the Mark X includes a high precision build plate, encoders on
the print head for high accuracy, silent stepper motors, and a high stiffness Z-axis motor all for a high degree ofpart quality.

Engineers, manufacturers, and designers looking to print incredibly strong and highly precise parts for robotics,automotive parts, molds, prosthetics, athletic equipment, and other industrial applications will find the Mark X not only the must-have printer for their needs but also a replacement for both inventory and costly, time consuming metal machining processes. The build volume is 330mm, 250mm, 200mm (X, Y, Z) while the footprint of 575mm, 467mm, and 928mm (X, Y, Z) allows the printer to still fit neatly in a shop or office. The networked printers with Eiger software - a Google Chrome-based cloud solution - allow operations managers to oversee and monitor multiple printers concurrently, bringing a new capability to customized and scaled manufacturing.

"For over a year many of my customers have been interested in a Markforged 3D printer with a larger build
volume,” says Daniel Held, CEO of Coffee GmbH - a value-added reseller of Markforged in Germany. “The
combination of a large build size, in-process inspection, composite reinforcement, and the continued reliability and robustness that has become synonymous with Markforged 3D printers is a powerful solution. For companies looking for a way to speed up product lead times or increase bandwidth for revenue generating partswithout taking on an expensive total cost of ownership, the Mark X is a must-have."

Earlier this year, Markforged received a Series B funding of $20M from Matrix Partners, Trinity Ventures, and
Northbridge Venture Partners and has been shipping products since 2014 to customers in over 50 countries

For more information, click: http://www.emona.com.au/products/high-performance-3d-printers/3d-printers/mark-x.html

About Markforged
As one of the most well respected and innovative 3D printing companies in the market today, Markforged’s 
mission is to bring high strength 3D printing to every production shop and desktop. Offering the world’s only 
3D printing systems capable of automatically reinforcing engineering plastics to aluminum levels of
performance and beyond, Markforged enables every business to easily manufacture parts with structural
strength right on the desktop. Markforged Industrial Strength 3D Printers empower professional users to
affordably create workhorse 3D parts that solve real problems, as well as realize reinforced structures never
before possible. Markforged technologies are delivered with thoughtful, powerful software designed for
collaboration, sharing, and scaling. For more information, visit http://www.Markforged.com



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