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Rigol Celebrates 10th Year Anniversary in Australia


This year Rigol and Emona celebrate our 10th year anniversary as a partnership supplying test and measuring instruments in Australia in New Zealand. Pictured are John South, Emona's Test & Measurement Product Manager and Rigol's Mark Wu, Regional Sales Manager, presenting Emona with Rigol's 10th Year Anniversary Award.

Established in 1998, Rigol have grown rapidly to become a worldwide leader in high performance yet affordably priced test and measuring instruments. Emona was fortunate to be one of Rigol's first export customers and we immediately made an impact on the Australian and New Zealand markets with the release of the DS5000 series which featured an astounding 1GS/s sampling rate. While a 1GS/s sampling rate is common on entry level oscilloscopes these days, this was an extraordinary specification and was the first time a manufacturer outside of Europe or USA had managed to achieve such sampling rate performance.

Rigol continued to dominate the local oscilloscope market with the release of the DS1000E series in 2008. Again leading the market, Rigol’s DS1000E series were the world’s first affordable first colour screen and 1GS/s sample rate oscilloscopes. With almost 2,500 units supplied locally, the DS1000E series are now legendary and one of the most popular oscilloscopes in Australian test and measurement history.

Rigol have continued to excite the market with product releases that bring high performance within reach of everyday instrument users including the DS6000 series 1GHz bandwidth oscilloscopes, DSA-800 series spectrum analysers up to 7.5GHz and the DS1000Z 4 channel oscilloscopes and mixed signal oscilloscopes.

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