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Sintratec Desktop Laser Sintering 3D Printer for Emona


Sintratec, Swiss specialists in the development and production of desktop laser sintering 3D printers, appoint Emona as Australian and New Zealand distributor.

Laser sintering 3D printing technology is the gold standard in additive manufacturing. Laser sintering makes it possible to print complex objects without the need for additional support structures, making it even possible to produce free form movable parts.

Sintratec’s new S1 3D printer represents a remarkable breakthrough in desktop laser sintering technology. Laser sintering 3D printers typically start at around $200,000 and require special on-site installations such as industrial ventilation systems, high voltage power supply or pressurised air and a dedicated floor space. Sintratec’s S1 is the first affordably priced SLS printer in a compact, desktop footprint. The S1 weighs only 67kg and simply connects to 230V mains power.

The Sintratec S1 is designed and manufactured in Switzerland. Sintratec's R&D team is at the cutting-edge of laser sintering research and cooperate with Switzerland's leading technology institutes to provide ground-breaking progress in laser sintering technology. The S1 uses a high precision diode laser providing exceptionally detailed and smooth print results. The print material used is Sintratec’s PA12 high performance industrial grade polyamide (Nylon) powder. With a melting point of 176 °C , PA12 allows you to print strong, temperature resistant, precise and durable work pieces.

The S1 features a build volume of 130 x 130 x 180 mm and layer height of 100 Micrometers. The printed parts can be used for functional prototypes in mechanically demanding applications and end products with a high mechanical load capacity and very high long-term stability. This technology is particularly suitable for prototyping free form moveable parts and small scale production runs.

Sintratec S1 also allows users to experiment with their own powders (as long as they are dark so that the diode laser can fuse the particles) and vary any of the printer’s operating parameters via the software. Experimenting with powders and varying the  printer's operating parameters is often unique for SLS printers and opens up research opportunities for universities and research organisations.

The Sintratec S1 comes with Sintratec Central Software. The intuitive interface allows you to easily import your 3D objects, start your print job and manage your print jobs.


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