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New Form 4 Prints Industrial Parts at Blazing Speed

Form-4 Form 4 prints parts in under 2 hours with the quality of injection molding.
Print 3D parts in under 2 hours with quality that rivals injection molding. Formlabs, represented in Australia by Emona Instruments, is proud to announce the new Form 4, a new resin printer that prints at blazing speeds with incredible precision and unmatched accuracy. Leverage the reliability and ease of use of the Formlabs ecosystem to print most parts in under two hours, or print quick models in just minutes.

Form 4 and its biocompatible version, Form 4B, represent the next evolution in stereolithography (SLA) 3D printing technology, built upon years of groundbreaking hardware, software, and materials science innovations. The Form 4 features up to four times faster print speeds than previous Form Series printers and a 30% larger build volume.

Form 4's speed is driven by the new Low Force Display™ print engine, a powerful combination of high-power LEDs and masking lenses that cure each layer of resin instantly — regardless of part size or quantity. Print speeds are no longer affected by how much of the build platform is covered, so multiple parts can print at once without extending your print time.

Form 4 combines the new print engine with updates to the Formlabs materials library — 23 unique resins on Form 4 and 37 on Form 4B available at launch — as well as new accessories and post-processing solutions, and an improved user experience. These updates reaffirm that Formlabs' resin 3D printing ecosystem is the most powerful tool available for any professional to turn their ideas into reality.

For more information, click: https://emona.com.au/form4

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