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See New MegiQ PC-Based VNA at Comms Connect Sydney 2015


We will be demonstrating the new MegiQ PC-Based VNAs at the Comms Connect exhibition on 3-4 June 2015 at Southee Complex, Sydney Showground.

With the VNA0440, MegiQ has launched an affordable and compact USB driven Vector Network Analyzer. This fully bi-directional two-port VNA allows detailed impedance measurements of antennas, components and circuits, covering 400to 4000MHz, i.e. all popular communication bands for GSM-LTE, GPS, ISM, Wifi, Dect etc.
An extra generator output comes in handy for characterizing 3-port devices, like splitters and hybrids. The internal, programmable bias generator with bias-Tee's allows fully automatic parametric measurements of e.g. amplifier and varactor / PIN circuits.

“All over the world engineers work on a myriad of RF applications, but they lack tools to verify their designs”, says Roger Denker, CEO of MegiQ. “In RF development you need to verify correct tuning and matching. MegiQ makes these measurements affordable and accessible to all bench-tops.”

The VNA and the PC software were developed by RF-engineers for RF-engineers with emphasis on use in real life. With the UFL test kit and the 'RF Sandbox' you are up and running within 10 minutes with a series of life experiments: very instructive for the novice user and entertaining for the expert.

The UFL kit allows measuring circuits on micro-PCBs, like baluns, antennas, amplifiers. Other kits are available: WFL, SMA, balanced, including calibration tools.

PC software provides intuitive control, extensive graphing, data export and reporting. Measurements and set-ups can be stored in sessions for easy 'Retrace-and-Compare'. The handy 'Click-and-Match’ calculates and simulates matching circuits.

For more information on our RF Test Equipment range, visit: http://www.emona.com.au/products/electronic-test-measure/rf-test-equipment



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