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The A 1507 3-Phase Active Switch is an accessory for automating the electrical safety testing of three phase circuits. It is used in combination with the Metrel Instaltest XC and InstalTest XD installation safety testers and the Auto Sequences available in the testers.

Electrical safety testing of more complex electrical installations and circuits can be a daunting task, especially when dealing with 3-phase ones, which often require simultaneous use of several test leads/crocodile clips/probes at once or piecemeal testing in phases (each electrical phase separately). A convenient solution would be to bundle all the test leads in one device and connect that
device to the actual electrical installation tester.

The A 1507 3-Phase Active Switch is just that convenient technological solution and has several handy features, which greatly simplify electrical safety testing of 3-phase installations/circuits. It has five banana socket outputs (L1, L2, L3, PE and N) for connecting to 3-phase systems, motor driven (controlled through Bluetooth) switchgear and connects to the multifunctional tester through a single connection port.

The A 1507 3-Phase Active Switch supports the following measurements:

  • Voltage and 3-phase sequence
  • Insulation resistances
  • Continuity of protective conductor
  • Resistance to earth
  • Resistance N-PE
  • RCD testing
  • Loop/line impedances