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• Verify Installation Testing Instruments
• Comply with AS/NZS3017

AS/NZS3017 Electrical Installation - Verification Guidelines states in section 1.7 TEST EQUIPMENT “Instrument accuracy should be confirmed by checking against a range of resistors of known values or by regular calibration checks.”

The Metrel CS-2099 makes regular calibration checks of your test equipment quick and easy with simple field calibration of the the most frequently used functions for testing and verifying electrical installations.

• Insulation calibration up to 1000V
• Continuity function calibration
• Fault loop impedance calibration with RCD trip-lock function
• Calibration of RCD trip-out time measurement
• Line impedance calibration
• Voltage and frequency calibration
• Measurement of leads verification
• PE test terminal functional verification
• Automatic mains polarity verification

Insulation Resistance Reference Value 2MΩ ±1% and 50MΩ ±1%
Low Resistance Reference Value 0.5Ω ±2%, 5Ω ±2% and 15Ω ±2%
Voltage & Frequency Reference Value 50.0V@240V AC, ±5%
Fault Loop & Line Impedance 1.2Ω ±0.2Ω, 11.0Ω ±0.5Ω
RCD Trip Out Time Simulation & Current Measurement
Power 240V AC mains voltage

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