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The Instaltest 3017 is Australia’s first installation and multifunction tester with Pass/Fail limits set to AS/NZS3000 Wiring Rules & results recording to meet reporting and record keeping obligations.

• Fully customised to AS/NZS limits
• Includes Visual Inspection, Correct Circuit Connections, Fault Loop Impedance and RCD tests
• Unique Auto-Sequences speed compliance testing by guiding users through a full test sequence, e.g. lighting point or socket outlet
• Stores all test results, including date, time, tester’s name, and location
• Provides complete management solution with EurolLink PC reporting software to easily provide reports of testing to owner/occupiers

Instrument Functions Voltmeter,  Continuity Tester, Insulation Tester, Polarity Tester, Fault Loop Impedance Tester, RCD Tester, Line Voltage, Frequency and Phase Rotation
Tests Conducted Visual Inspections General, Consumer Mains, Switchboards, Wiring, Electrical Equipment, Earthing
Earth Continuity & Resistance Test 200mA, Limit 0.5ohm
Insulation Resistance Test 500V. Installation Limit 1Mohm, Heating Elements Limit 0.01Mohm
Polarity Test 7mA
Correct Connections 7mA
Fault Loop Pass/Fail limits per AS3017
RCD Tests Pass/Fail limits AS3017
Auto Sequences Visual, Main Earth & Insulation Resistance of Complete Installation, Metallic Switchboard Enclosure, Aerial Conductor, Equipotential Bonding Conductors, Lighting Point, Socket Outlet, Fixed Appliances

Pass/Fail Indication

The InstalTest is pre-programmed with the Pass/Fail limits as per AS/NZS3017. For example the "Insulation Resistance: Installation" test is set to a 500V test with 1MohmPass/Fail limit. Pass is indicated by a tick and Fail is indicated by a cross. In addition, the InstalTest can be used as a multimeter, insulation tester, loop impedance tester and RCD tester for general electrical work.

The InstalTest 3017 is also supplied with the essential accessories to conduct tests to AS/NZS3017 such as a Resistor Box for polarity and circuit connection tests on socket outlets.

Fully Documented Test Results

No more hand writing test results when compliance testing electrical work and providing reports of test results. Simply conduct the test, press the MEM button to save the result and assign the result to a location, e.g. DB1 CB1.