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ProTag Elite-PLUS System: test portable appliances & RCDs, take asset photos, print UV/heat resistant test tags and download test and asset inspection results to PATGuard Elite management software.
The ProTag Elite-PLUS System comprises of:
  • PrimeTest Elite-PLUS Appliance & RCD Tester
  • ProTag Pro-XL UV/Heat Resistant Test Tag Printer
  • BCS-BT Bluetooth Barcode Scanner
  • PATGuard Elite 3 Asset Management System Software
  • ELT-CASE Professional Transit Carry Case
  • On-Site User Training (subject to conditions)

PrimeTest-Elite-PLUS Tester
Advanced features
  • High Definition Colour Display
  • QWERTY Keypad
  • In-Built Camera with Flash
  • USB for Data Up/Down Load
  • In-Built Isolation Transformer
  • Huge On-Board Memory: 50,000 assets and 2,000 asset photos
  • Optional PATGuard Elite Asset Management Software
  • Optional Data Logging of 3 Phase Leakage Tests Using PAC-TPL Adaptor
Display High resolution colour LCD
Indication PASS/FAIL and measurement values
Operation QWERTY keypad

Test Range 500V DC, 1Mohm at rated mains supply
Pass Level 1Mohm

Test Current 200mA AC
Pass Level 1ohm

Output Voltage 240V AC
Pass Level Class I 5mA, Class II 1mA

Output Voltage 240V AC
Pass Level Class I 5mA, Class II 1mA

Pass Level 1mA
Pass Indication live/neutral open circuit, short circuit & crossed

Test Current 30mA sinusoidal, starting on a zero crossing at 0o - 180o
Pass Level 300ms

Memory 50,000 assets, 2,000 photos
Data Logging User defined inspection routines with library of measurement units for actual results recording
Accessories earth bond clip, IEC adaptor
Interface Bluetooth to peripherals
Power Source Mains or battery
ProTag XL Printer

The Protag XL printer utilises thermal direct printing technology. Users can choose between OPTIMA test tags for general indoor and outdoor use and XL test tags. XL tags are ideal for all harsh environments, including permanent outdoor exposure to UV and heat, and demanding indoor applications such as commercial kitchens.

Print Method Thermal direct
Resolution 203dpi
Power Lithium-ion rechargeable battery
Enclosure Drop resistant
Weight 790 g
BCS-BT-2D QR Barcode Scanner
Non contact scanner for rapid entry of appliance numbers, descriptions and comments.

The QR bar code scanner frees the operator from typing in the appliance number prior to each test. Simply swipe the appliance number bar code. Reads QR code format, which eliminates the need for upload into the tester, i.e. site, location, description an test sequence.

Power 2 x AA, approx 30 days use
Enclosure Drop resistance to 1.2m
PATGuard Elite 3 Asset Management Software
Seaward's PATGuard Elite 3 takes a significant leap in electrical safety management software. Its unique "Drag and Drop" presentation makes the software intuitive and very easy to use. PATGuard both uploads and downloads appliance information and test results. Also sends automatic email alerts with the option of including a quotation.

Users have a complete visual overview of all appliances in terms of locations and test status. Appliances are simply dragged and dropped from one location to another. Repeat testing requirements are easily displayed allowing scheduling of tests to be conveniently managed and uploaded into the appliance tester.
Reports View, Print, Save as File, e-mail, Bar Code Reports, Bar Code Labels, Customised Reports
Viewer Program free distribution
Features Set-Up Wizard, Manual Result Input, Result Upload Facility, Asset Grouping, Automatic Record Generation, Re-test Scheduling, Data Import, Data Export, Multi User
Platform Win XP/Vista/Win 7/Win 8/Win 10


What types of electrical testing instruments are available?

Emona Instruments offers a wide range of electrical testing instruments, including those for testing and tagging, installation testing, EVSE (Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment) testing, and solar testing. These instruments are designed to ensure compliance with electrical standards and safety regulations.

What is the purpose of EVSE testing instruments?

EVSE testing instruments are used to test the safety and functionality of electric vehicle charging stations. These instruments ensure that the charging stations comply with safety standards and are operating correctly, providing a safe charging environment for electric vehicles.

What accessories are available for electrical testing instruments?

Emona Instruments provides various accessories to complement our electrical testing instruments. These accessories include test leads, probes, adapters, and carrying cases, which enhance the functionality and convenience of the testing instruments.

How can solar testing instruments benefit users?

Solar testing instruments are designed to test and verify the performance of solar panels and systems. These instruments help users ensure that their solar installations are operating efficiently and effectively, maximising energy production and ensuring compliance with industry standards.

What is the importance of installation testing instruments?

Installation testing instruments are crucial for verifying the safety and compliance of electrical installations. These instruments help identify potential issues, such as wiring faults or insulation problems, ensuring that installations meet safety standards and reducing the risk of electrical hazards.

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