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Solar Installation PV150-SLK and Solar Survey 200R wireless irradiance and temperature measurement kit.

  • Connects Directly to PV Array With MC4 Connectors
  • Safe - No Probing Required & No Exposed Live DC Conductors
  • Records Irradiance & Temperature Simultaneously to Electrical Tests
  • 200 Record Memory & USB Download
  • Includes SolarCert Reporting Software
The PV150-SLK Complete Test Kit includes the all-in-one PV150 installation tester - it makes proving the electrical integrity and performance of a PV system faster, safer and easier than ever before. With simple direct connections to PV systems, the PV150 performs open circuit voltage, short circuit current and insulation resistance tests at the press of a button.
The PV150-SLK Complete Test Kit also includes the Solar Survey SS-200R multifunction irradiance meter, enabling irradiance and temperature measurement to be received and recorded wirelessly into the PV150 solar tester at the same time as electrical tests are conducted.
With the Complete Test Kit, there is no need for several different instruments, at the press of a button the PV150 solar tester conducts all of the required electrical safety tests, and now Solarlinkâ„¢ connectivity with the supplied Survey 200R multifunction irradiance meter enables the PV150 to wirelessly receive and record irradiance and temperature measurements in real time as required by international standards and best practise recommendations.
The PV150 solar tester's internal memory can store up to 200 complete test records and USB connectivity allows for fast and simple download of time and date stamped records to PC for record-keeping, traceability and certification.

PV-150 Solar Installation Tester Specifications:
Earth Continuity 0.01ohm to 199ohm
Insulation Resistance 0.05Mohm to 199Mohm
Open Circuit Voltage 5.0V to 1000V
Short Circuit Current 0.5A to 15A
Operating Current (Using AC/DC Current Clamp) 0.5A to 40A
Memory 200 records
PC Connectivity USB
Display Custom LCD with backlight
Power Supply 6 x 1.5V Alkaline
Battery Life >1000 test sequences
Auto Power Down after 1 minute
Warranty 2 years
Kit Includes PV150 Tester, Solar Survey 200R Irradiance Meter, SolarCert Reporting Software, 2 x MC4 test lead adaptors, red and black test leads with probe and detachable alligator clip, AC/DC current clamp, rugged carry bag, Quick Start Guide, Support CD Rom with Instructional Video and Calibration Certificate

200R features Seaward Solarlink for wireless connectivity with the PV150 Solar Installation tester
Irradiance Range 100 - 1250Wm-2 or 30 - 400 BTU/h/ft2
Irradiance Sensor PV reference cell
Temperature -30oC to 100oC
Compass Bearing 0o to 360o
Inclinometer 0o to 90o
Data Logging large internal memory and real time clock with USB interface for data download to PC for analysis or reporting
Display Custom LCD
Power Supply 2AA alkaline batteries
Battery Life >20,000 readings
Auto Power Down after 2 minutes