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Medical devices are those that make physical or electrical contact with a patient, for the purposes of diagnosis, treatment or monitoring.

Engineers and technicians involved in the procurement, testing, installation, maintenance, calibration and operation of medical devices are required to ensure that they carry out appropriate procedures for acceptance, fault management and routine testing of medical devices. These procedures are outlined in “AS/NZS3551:2012.”

The Rigel-288AUS is a next generation tester that carries out the electrical tests required by AS/NZS3551 and stores results for download to PC asset database software. The Download Software manages inspection and test results, produces test certificates and schedules next tests to assist in compliance with the requirements of AS/NZS3551.

The Rigel-288AUS also interfaces via wireless Bluetooth technology to a tag printer and bar code scanner to provide  solution that weighs less than 3kg.

Earth Continuity
Method 2 wire, using “zero” lead funct
Test Current >+200mA, -200mA DC into 2 ohms
Max Test Voltage 4-24V rms
Measuring Range
 Low 0.001 - 0.999ohms
 Mid 1.00 - 9.99 ohms
 High 10.0 - 19.9 ohms
Accuracy ±3% of reading + 10mohms

Insulation Resistance
Measurement EUT to Earth/Ground, UET to AP, AP to Ground
Voltage 250V DC, 500V DC @ 1mA
Low Range 0.01Mohms - 20Mohms
 Accuracy ±5% of reading + 2 dgts
High Range 20Mohms - 100Mohms
 Accuracy ±10% + 2 dgts
Resolution 0.01Mohms

Earth Leakage Current Test
Applied Part Leakage Current Test
Mains Contact Current Test
Measuring Range 4µA to 9999µA
Accuracy ±5% of reading + 2 dgts
Mains on A.P. Voltage F-type only 110% of mains
Measuring Device as per IEC60601-1
Measurement Type separate AC & DC for Patient (Auxiliary) Leakage to IEC60601. True RMS for all remaining leakage tests

Touch Current to AS3551:2012

Differential Leakage Measurement
Alternative Leakage Measurements
Power Measurement
Mains Outlet Test
IEC Mains Lead Test

Supplied Accessories Earth Bond Test Probe with Clip, Earth Bond Clip Lead, Patient Applied Part Module, 10 Applied Part Adaptors, Calibration Certificate, Carrying Case
Batteries 6 x 1.5V Alkaline AA
Weight 1.6kg including batteries


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