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The first hand-held SpO2 simulator featuring pulse volume adjustments, heart rate and manufacturer-specific
R-curves, combined with large capacity internal memory for the data capture, storage and downloading via Bluetooth o test results for record keeping.

Simulation Electronic, indirect via probe adaptor box
Simulation Via probe & full chain
Range 50 to 100%
R-Curves Datex, Datex Ohmeda, Nellcor, N.Oximax, Masimo, Criticare, Datascope, Philips (HP), CSI, Novametrix, Nihon Kohden, Nonin, SensorMedics (others available via web)
Pulse Modulation 5% default
Direct Interface to Probe adaptor box.
Battery Rechargeable battery pack
Capacity 10 hours testing
Weight Accessories Carrying Case, SPO2 Adaptor Box, Mains supply Adaptor, Blue Tooth USB Adaptor, Record of calibration
Optional Accessories SPO2 Adaptor cables (1 included with delivery), Med-eBase software (enhanced version), Test ‘n tag Elite, BT Barcode scanner