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bioThe UNI-Therm offers the latest technology in high frequency power measurement. Small, easy to use, large colour display and innovative navigation make this a fast, efficient test tool for testing diathermy machine performance. Large internal memory and PC communication for traceability.


  • Fully compliant with IEC 60601-2-2
  • High frequency leakage
  • Power distribution curves
  • Remote Plate Security Testing using electronic potentiometer
  • High current up to 6A RMS
  • Non inductive load bank 0 - 5115ohm
  • 10kV isolation on all measuring systems
  • Automatic and manual test sequence

Power Measurement True RMS value of applied waveform
Power Rating 0 – 500W (RMS)
Duty Cycle 100% 0-250W, 50% >250W
Accuracy ±1W or 5% of value
Voltage (peak) 0 – 10KV (Peak) – Closed load only
Accuracy ±10% of value.Measurement is taken between the active and dispersive electrodes with closed load only.
Voltage (RMS) 0 - 700V RMS
Accuracy ±2V or 2% of value
Current 0 – 6000mA RMS
Accuracy ±10mA or 2% of value
Crest Factor 1.4 – 20 (Vpeak / V RMS). The higher of the two peak voltage measurements is used for calculation
High Frequency Leakage
Remote Electrode Monitoring
Memory Approx 5,000 records
Output CSV format

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