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GaGe Razor 12

12 Bit, up to 200MS/s

The GaGe Razor family of multi-channel digitizers features up to 4 channels in a single-slot PCI Express or PCI card with 200 MS/s sampling per channel, and up to 32 GB of on-board acquisition memory.

Combine several Razor cards for up to 32 channels in a single system.

• 2 or 4 digitizing channels
• 200 MS/s maximum sampling per channel
• 12 bits vertical resolution
• 128 MS to 16 GS on-board acquisition memory
• 125 MHz bandwidth
• Full-size, single-slot PCI card
• Full-featured front-end, with software control over input ranges, coupling and impedances
• 32 bits, 66 MHz PCI for 200 MB/s transfer to PC memory
• Ease of integration with External or Reference Clock In and Clock Out, External Trigger In and Trigger Out
•  Programming-free operation with GageScope® oscilloscope software
• Software Development Kits available for LabVIEW, MATLAB, C/C#
• Dual-port memory and data streaming at up to 3.1 GB/s on PCI Express models
• Custom FPGA firmware available 

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