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LOW OHM, 10mOhm - 10kOhm
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A precision resistance decade box suitable for a wide range of simulation work. High accuracy, long term stability, and low temperature coefficient make the 1067 ideal for simulating and calibrating precision PT100 sensors and temperature indicators/meters that use resistive sensors.

Special care has been taken in the construction of the 1067 to ensure that the residual end resistance is as low and as stable as possible.
Multiple self-cleaning silver alloy contacts are used for each position to ensure outstanding performance and long life. 

Housed in a robust metal case the 1067 is fully screened and low thermal emf terminals are used. The slim line design means it takes up minimum bench space and is easily transportable.

Resistance is selected by dialling the value required using the rotary switches. This enables precise setting with a clear unambiguous indication.
Each decade is scaled from 0 to 11 and therefore allows convenient overlap of the set values. The maximum value settable is 12,222.21 ohms.

  • 10mΩ to 12kΩ
  • 0.01% accuracy
  • Precision PT100 simulation
  • 6 digit resolution
  • Better than 20ppm/year stability
  • Residual resistance < 10mΩ
  • Fully screened

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