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DS-8204-R with DS8000-R-BND

2 GHz, 4CH, 10 GS/s, 500 MPTS

With FREE DS8000-R-BND. This function and application bundle option includes DS8000-R-COMP, DS8000-R-EMBD, DS8000-RAUTO, DS8000-R-FLEX, DS8000-R-AUDIO, DS8000-R-AERO, DS8000-R-AWG, DS8000-R-JITTER and DS8000-R-PWR. Offer valid until 30-September-2022.

The DS8000-R Series Oscilloscopes combine best in class sampling and memory depth with a high density form factor enabled by our new UltraVision II architecture and innovative Phoenix Chipset. With 350 MHz, 1 GHz, and 2 GHz models each with 4 analog channels the DS8000 Series brings RIGOL’s UltraVision II performance to the high channel count, research, and automation applications. Built for high density, the DS8000-R ships with 1 unit and 2 unit rack mounts included and does not include any probes. The DS8000-R includes all of the analog analysis capabilities of the MSO8000 including Jitter and Real-time Eye Analysis (at 1 or 2 GHz), zone triggering, 6 instruments in one, Enhanced FFTs, color grading, and histograms all supported by the high sample rate, deep memory, and full memory measurements.

Key Features

  • Analog channel bandwidth: 2 GHz
  • 10GS/s sampling rate
  • 4 analog channels, 1 EXT input channel
  • Standard memory depth up to 500 Mpts
  • High waveform capture rate (over 600,000 wfm/s)
  • Low jitter, multiple-device synchronization (
  • High-speed data communication interface (10 GE SFP+), ensuring the reliable transmission of massive data
  • Integrates 6 independent instruments into 1, including digital oscilloscope, spectrum analyzer, AWG (option), digital voltmeter, 6-digit counter and totalizer, and protocol analyzer (option)
  • Available to be extended to 512 channels, supporting synchronous acquisition (with the multi-channel synchronization module)
  • Real-time eye diagram and jitter analysis software (option for DS8104-R/DS8204-R, but unavailable for DS8034-R)
  • Built-in advanced power analysis software (option)
  • Operating temperature low below -40℃, available to be used for signal monitoring in some special conditions
  • Multiple interfaces available: USB HOST&DEVICE, LAN(LXI), 10 GE SFP+, HDMI, TRIG OUT, 10 MHz In, and 10 MHz Out
  • Web Control remote command
  • Compact and thin design, save rack space, 1U rack mount kit (standard)
  • Software development kit available for users to meet their customized development according to their specific scenarios
  • Easy-to-use on-site multi-channel synchronization calibration kit, enabling you to view multiple channels synchronously

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