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The I-Prober 520 is the first and only probe that can be used to measure currents from amps down to milliamps at frequencies from DC up to MHz.

I-Prober-520 makes practical measurement of PCB track currents a reality. Used with an oscilloscope, the I-Prober 520 is operated by placing the insulated tip of the probe onto a PCB track and the current flowing in the track can be observed and measured on the oscilloscope screen.

Dynamic Range 10mA to 20A pk to pk
Bandwidth DC to 50MHz
Low Noise Converts to high accuracy H-field probe

Output Signal
Maximum Output +
10V .
Oscilloscope Input Suitable for an input impedance of 1MOhms in parallel with
< 30pF.
Trace Position Wide range DC offset control within control box

Max. Circuit Voltage
300V Cat II (on AC line circuits). 600V Cat 1 (on uncategorised secondary circuits inside equipment).
Max. Tip Temperature 150 degrees C max allowable temperature at probe tip.
Conformance Complies with EN61010-1 & EN61010-031

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