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The BS407 is an instrument which is fully optimised for the task of accurate measurement of low resistances with a best resolution of 1μOhm.

Range 1999μohms - 19.99kohms
Resolution 1μohm - 10ohm
Test Current 250 mA - 10μA
Accuracy ± 0.1% R ± 0.4% scale to ± 0.1% R ± 0.2% scale
Display 3.5 digit LCD with 12.5mm characters.
20mV Clamp Operated by front panel switch. Limits the open circuit voltage across the unknown to 20mV (+0mV, -4mV) for “dry circuit” testing of switch and relay contacts. Not available on the 2000ohm and 20kohm ranges.
Reverse Polarity Operated by front panel switch. Reverses the polarity of the test current, enabling thermal emf effects to be detected and quantified.
Set Zero Operated by non-latching front panel switch and rotary offset control. Diverts the test current way from the unknown allowing zero adjustment to be undertaken with the test leads in place.
Source EMF 18 mV ± 2mV with 20mV Clamp Active< 6V with 20mV Clamp Inactive
Compliance > 1V (> 0.5V on 1999μ Ohm range). (Compliance is the maximum voltage that can be tolerated from additional resistance in series with the force connections)