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The 1480A LS/FS/HS Pocket USB Bus Analyzer, is capable of capturing and decoding real-time LS, FS and HS USB Transactions as well as OTG SRP, OTG HNP and OTG VBus events. It has unlimited capture length (only limited by the RAM in the analysis PC as the captured data is viewed), immediate display of very large recorded capture data (data is streamed in real-time into the tree view as it is captured from the link under test or from file so you will not have to wait before you can start analyzing the data) as well as a very small physical format which makes it a powerful companion in your laptop bag or in the lab.

1480A Highlights

• The Hierarchical Protocol Tree View organizes the captured USB protocol data into a a format that exactly reflects the nesting of the actual USB protocol items on the bus. This greatly eases understanding of the USB protocol. Most other USB Protocol Analyzers use a primitive block-type display which makes it very hard to see the overall hierarchy of the complex data being communicated.
• Multiple time-correlated views of the data are simultaneously available, allowing you to easily see transaction, packet and bus-level details from the highest to lowest abstraction levels at a glance. Some other USB Protocol Analyzers require you to change the protocol view to view the data at a different abstraction level, resulting in loss of situational awareness of your location within the overall trace.
• The 1480A Decodes and displays all bus events down to the most detailed differential D-/D+ bus state changes with 16.67 ns resolution. Other USB Protocol Analyzers only show you the higher-level Protocol View without possibility to get to the lowest-level bus states.
• A very small physical format and a bus-powered design allows easy transportation and convenient use with laptops (only 125 x 105 x 35 mm / 250g).

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