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The 2500A PCI Express x1, x2 and x4 lane 2.5 Gbps Protocol Analyzer has the same form factor as the 1480A USB Analyzer. It contains 2GB DDR2 SDRAM, an external x4 Active PCIe Slot Probe as well as a x4 external PCIe cable. Software features include a sequenced trigger as well as full PCI Express TLP decoding. The 2500A is designed to handle very large amounts of data easily by dynamically retrieving captured data as it is needed. The 2500A includes a very deep 8-level trigger which can detect and trigger on up to 16 KByte long data sequences.

2500A Highlights

• PCI Express 1.1 (2.5 GBit/second) compliant
• x1, x2 and x 4 link width configuration
• User-selectable 2 Gigabyte to 64 Kilobyte capture buffer. A selectable capture buffer size allows for smaller data files when saved to hard disk.
• A powerful 48 MHz Cypress FX2LP microprocessor implements on-demand upload of data via USB 2.0 after a completed capture. This allows you to immediately view data after the capture without having to wait for lengthy uploads of the full trace data.
• An Altera Arria II GX FPGA contains PCI Express x4 transceivers, a DDR2 Memory Controller and data upload interface to the microprocessor.
• Programmable Sequence Detectors allows the FPGA to detect the location of pre-defined as well as custom data sequences. This facilitates hardware-acceleration of PCI Express Protocol Item detection after capture. This, in turn, enables the software to display the data very quickly after a completed capture without a need for the software to locate the PCI Express Packets and Ordered Sets captured.
• An 8-level trigger with up to 2048 byte deep data detection per trigger level allows triggering on very long data sequences. In total, data sequences up to 16 Kbytes in length can be triggered upon.
• A TTL-compatible Trigger in / out port allows synchronization with external test instruments.
• A x4 slot probe with a 1 m (3.3ft) cable is included. 3rd party, custom probes can also be designed and connected to the 2500A unit.
• Microprocessor firmware and FPGA configuration are automatically updated with the PC application software. No separate and complex hardware re-programming is needed. 

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