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STM Educa


The Nanovie STM Educa is a compact 3D nanoscale microscope specifically designed for educational use.

The STM Educa opens the door to the nano world for students across science, engineering and physics with this affordable and portable nano-scale explorer that works under ambient conditions. The Educa's unique didactic approach allows students to experience and understand 3D nanoscale microscopy, beyond the traditional "black box" approach.

Students develop an understanding of how the image is scanned, the physics principals that underpin an STM, how tunneling current is produced and images are acquired, using a completely manual approach with manual tip positioning adjustment.

Nanovie STM Educa Highlights:

  • Optimal resolution: horizontal 3nm, vertical 0.1nm
  • Operates under ambient conditions
  • Intuitive control interface
  • Powerful image analysis software
  • Manual tip-to-sample didactic approach




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