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The Airwolf AXIOM 20 DUAL is a new tall form professional dual extruder 3D printer targeted at advanced 3D printing applications. The AXIOM 20 DUAL can independently control the temperature of two separate, high temperature, print heads to create material combinations of over 30 different thermoplastics materials not previously possible such as polycarbonate and ABS hybrid parts.

  • Dual Extruder Hotend

    Independently Controlled Hotends are capable of printing in 2 colors, or creating parts which require soluble support material.

  • Enclosed Chamber

    The new AXIOM Dual Extruder 3D printer features a fully enclosed print chamber providing a thermally stable environment which minimizes the incidence of warpage while sustaining optimal print quality, especially when applied to very large 3D prints.

  • Auto-Leveling

    Eliminates errors with manual leveling and ensures optimal bed leveling and head spacing before every print.

  • "Easy Feed" Filament System

    Draws the new filament into its print head automatically, reducing jamming and blockages.

  • Core XY Motion System

    The silky smooth CoreXY motion control system used in the AXIOM provides unparalleled speed (250mm/s print, 400mm/s traverse), precision, and print quality.

  • Large Build

           The AXIOM 20 Dual Extruder 3D Printer's large build volume allows for very large 3D prints making it the ideal desktop solution for rapid prototyping and manufacturing functional products.

For printing with Polycarbonates on the AXIOM, watch this how to video for creating strong, durable, rigid and heat resistant 3D prints.