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Airwolf 3D is a US manufacturer of high performance 3D printers with user reference sites including Boeing, Apple, Dreamworks, NASA, HP, Honeywell, Lockheed Martin, Raytheon, to name a few.

The AXIOM-E offers market leading features that make it the ideal solution printing in basic materials or educational applications.

Compare these market features with other comparably priced 3D printers and the AXIOM-E wins every time:

  • Jam Resistant Hot End

    From general purpose PLA to flexible TPU, AXIOM-E's improved JR hot end reaches temperatures of 260°C and is designed to resist troublesome clogs.

  • Largest Build Volume 1000 Cubic Inches

    Prints the largest 3D prints in its class with minimal warpage in an enclosed, thermally stable environment and heated bed.

  • Auto-Leveling

          Eliminates errors with manual leveling and ensures optimal bed leveling and head spacing before every print.

  • "Easy Feed" Filament System

    Draws the new filament into its print head automatically, reducing jamming and blockages.

  • 40 Microns Resolution

    AXIOM's resolution exceeds products more than twice the price with fine detailed layers and minimal striated appearance common in lower performance printers. Swap to the 0.35 orifice nozzle for even finer detail and thinner walls without compromising on the industry leading 250mm/s print speed.

  • Core XY Motion System

    AXIOM's durable belt design allows faster 250mm/s movement than common gantry systems while ensuring more precise placement of the extruder.