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All calibration and service requests must be accompanied by an Emona Service Order Form. This will ensure that your job can be completed faster without additional time consuming administrative processing. 

You can view Emona's Service Booking Form at the following link:



Emona Service Department Terms & Conditions:

  1. ALL Returns MUST be Despatched to NSW Service Dept with an Emona Service Order Form
    All requests for calibration or repair services must be despatched to NSW Service Dept, 78 Parramatta Rd Camperdown NSW 2050 and accompanied by a completed Emona Service Order Form, including those accompanied by an official Purchase Order. This is ensures that we have the correct end user contact details and product serial numbers. Failure to include a Service Order Form will result in a delay to job processing as correct end user’s details will have to be verified. Do not sent goods to your local Emona sales office.

  2. Account Customers
    All account customers, such as government departments, hospitals, educational institutions etc, must include an official Purchase Order with the Service Order Form. Service and calibration jobs cannot be completed without an official Purchase Order number.

  3. Pre-Paid or Non-Account Customers
    Customers without account terms, i.e. “Pre-Paid” customers, should provide credit card details on the Service Order Form to guarantee faster job processing turnaround times. Delays in job processing are likely if Service Department administrative staff need to chase customers for payment details after job completion. Service and calibration jobs cannot be completed and jobs closed without receipt of full payment. Credit card payments are preferable to EFT. EFT payments require next day confirmation.

  4. Minimum Charges
    A minimum charge of $99 inc GST applies for all repairs. A "Statement of Compliance" is supplied with all work carried out. Re-prints are charged an administration fee of $27.50 each inc GST.

  5. Turnaround Times & Booking of Priority Jobs
    A typical turnaround time of 7 working days applies for calibrations and repairs. Repair turnaround times can be affected by parts availability. Repair and calibration jobs must be pre-booked or scheduled in advance for priority service. Only jobs that have been pre-booked will receive priority attention. Call tel 02 9519 3933 Ext 114 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for booking a priority job.

  6. Data Back-up Customer’s Responsibility
    Customers should back-up and clear stored results. Emona cannot take responsibility for data loss.

  7. Post Service Warranty Policy
    Post service warranty for repairs is 90 days and only applies to repairs carried out by Emona Instruments. This warranty excludes repairs carried out by third parties where we are subject to the terms and conditions of the third party. Post service warranty excludes faults that arise that are not related to the original repaired fault or faults related to customer misuse. Excludes repairs on units older than 8 years, i.e. end of life cycle. 


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