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20MHz, 100MS/s, 2 Channel
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Rigol’s DG-1022 is a breakthrough 20MHz, 2 channel arbitrary generator that is priced so affordably, it has proven to be the most popular choice for educational institutions carrying out laboratory upgrades.

• Output 5 standard waveforms; built-in 48 arbitrary waveforms
• AM, FM, PM, FSK Modulation, linear/logarithm sweep and burst
• Abundant output and input: waveform output; synchronous signal output; external modulation source, external clock reference (10 MHz) input, external trigger input
• 2 full functional channels with settable phase
• Built-in high precision and wide band counter, the measurement range: 100 mHz ~ 200 MHz (single channel)

Vertical Resolution 14bits
Sample Rate 100MS/s
Resolution 1 µHz
Standard Waveforms Sine, Square, Ramp, Triangle, Pulse, Noise, Arb
Arbitrary Waveform 4k points
Amplitude 10mVpp to 10Vpp
Accuracy (1kHz) ±2% of setting ±2mVpp
Pulse 20.00ns to 2000.0s
Modulation AM, FM, FSK, PM
Sweep Linear or Logarithmic
Channel Coupling & Copy
Counter Range 100 mHz ~ 200 MHz
Counter Functions Frequency, period, positive/negative Pulse width, Duty cycle
I/O USB Device, USB Host
Display LCD, 256 x 64, 4 Grey Levels