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Emona manufactures and exports worldwide a range of university & college level laboratory equipment & software for Telecommunications known as 'TIMS'.

TIMS provides hands-on experience in modeling telecoms theory to enhance understanding in the lab and uses a unique block diagram approach for building experiments.

TIMS stands for Telecommunications Instructional Modeling System. TIMS is a mathematically-based, engineering modeling system, used to carry out ‘hands-on” laboratory experiments in telecommunications theory (transmission theory) as well as Signals & Systems. TIMS can implement practically any form of digital or analog modulation and coding. 

TIMS is an Australian designed and manufactured telecommunications modeling system used daily by thousands of engineering students in over 35 countries around the world, from UNSW and Sydney University in Australia, through to Princeton, Virginia Tech and Georgia Institute of Technology in the USA, IIT Delhi and Mumbai in India – to mention only a few.


In telecommunications, it is normal to represent modulation and coding concepts as “block diagrams”. Each “block” usually has a single function, such as multiplier, filter, convolutional encoder, etc. In the TIMS laboratory, students actually build telecommunications systems following these block diagrams by patching together single-function, hardware building blocks called “TIMS modules”.

The Emona TIMS real-time hardware teaching system will enable your students to patch together simple to advanced lab experiments, ranging from: Eye Diagrams, BPSK, QPSK, Spread Spectrum DSSS, CDMA and FHSS, Trellis Coded Modulation, PCM/TDM, ASK, FSK, AM/DSB/SSB, FM/PM, Bit Error Rate Measurements, Costas Loop, Sampling Theorem, Space Diagrams/Constellations, 4/8/16-PSK, 4/8/16-QAM, pi/4DQPSK, MSK, SNR Measurements, PLL, PAM/TDM, Line Coding/PCM Waveforms, Bit Clock Regeneration, Frame Synchronization, Block Codes, Convolutional Codes, Lapalce, z-Transforms, DSP and much more….

University professors find TIMS a very powerful teaching tool due to this unique building block approach. In the TIMS lab, the students actually “learn by doing” with real-time hardware.

The TIMS Learning Environment also includes a pre-lab learning simulator, called TutorTIMS.

TutorTIMS allows student to prepare at home for more complex labs. Importantly, TutorTIMS complements the hardware experiments and broadens the student’s understanding of key telecommunications systems concepts.

The distance learning version of TIMS called net*TIMS allows real-time hardware experiments to be delivered across the Internet, where student control the experiments from any location.

Emona Instruments has an active design and development program. Each year Emona releases new hardware building blocks, ensuring that TIMS stays at the forefront of telecommunications

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