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    Micsig Handheld Touch Screen Oscilloscopes

Micsig Handheld Touch Screen Oscilloscopes

Australia's best value handheld oscilloscopes with isolated inputs! Micsig offer high performance handheld oscilloscopes at an affordable price.

High performance features offered by Micsig handheld oscilloscopes include touch screen, isolated inputs for safely carrying out floating measurements, industry leading up to 190,000 wfms/s refresh rate, support for serial bus protocol trigger and decode (1553B/429/UART/232/485/LIN/CAN/SPI/12C) in both graphic and text modes, and multi-function operation including digital oscilloscope, digital multimeter and recorder. In oscilloscope mode, the units offer a wide range of trigger types, 31 automatic measurements, and maths functions including FFT. Isolated input versions offer up to 1000V CAT II 600V CAT III maximum channel floating voltage.

The Micsig handheld touch screen oscilloscope range covers:

  • MS-200T Series Touch Screen
  • MS-200T Series Touch Screen, Isolated Inputs
  • MS-500IT Series Touch Screen, Isolated Inputs and 190,000 WFMS/s
  • MS-500S Series Touch Screen, Isolated Inputs, 190,000 WFMS/s and Serial Data Decode

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