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  • QL - Testing Guru

    Testing Guru

    Enhance Your Testing Skills and Knowledge With Our Skills Presentation and Trade Display

The “Testing Guru” skills presentation and trade display will show you:

Installation Testing and Verification to AS/NZS3017:2007

  • How to test 3 phase installations (insulation, loop impedance & phase sequence)
  • How to test 3 phase RCDs safely
  • How to detect source of nuisance tripping of RCDs
  • How to test sockets safely without a trailing lead

Appliance Testing and Tagging to AS/NZS3760:2010

  • How to test and tag 3 phase appliances, leads and RCDs
  • How to test and tag portable RCDs without tripping the switchboard RCD
  • How and why leakage testing is important in appliance testing
  • How record keeping systems for installation and appliance testing are best practice

Q & A: Question and Answer Opportunity

The “Trade Display” will showcase

  • Metrel Installation Testers
  • Seaward Portable Appliance Testers

To find out when the next "Testing Guru" event will be held in your area or to organise a "Testing Guru" visit to your local electrical wholesaler, contact Emona Instruments at:

NSW Tel: 02 9519 3933
VIC Tel: 03 9889 0427
QLD Tel: 07 3392 7170
SA & NT Tel: 08 8363 5733
WA Tel: 08 9361 4200

or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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