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  • QL - Biomedical

    Biomedical Engineering Teaching

    Sonography, Tomography, Ultrasonics, Haptics & Physiological Signals

Emona offers Australia's most comprehensive range of biomedical engineering teaching equipment. From engineering basics, basic physiology and advanced physiology to advanced clinical applications.

With the growth of biomedical engineering and biomedical engineering subjects in electrical and mechanical engineering, there is a real need for biomedical teaching and research equipment that meets the specific needs of engineering teaching departments. CleveLabs, from the USA, have designed hardware, software and curriculum materials that cover 30 topics in biomedical engineering, bioinstrumentation and biomedical systems subjects with an engineering teaching focus.

Our biomedical engineering teaching brands cover:

  • CleveMed
  • Gampt
  • Quanser

Our biomedical engineering teaching range covers:

  • Wireless biotechnology for physiological signal recording
  • Sonography, Tomography and Ultrasonics
  • Haptics Systems

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