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    Digital Oscilloscopes

    Rigol Digital Storage & MSOs, Micsig Handheld Touch Screen, Pico PC-Based and Oscilloscope Probes

Emona offers Australia's most comprehensive range of oscilloscopes including Rigol (Australia's ONLY Authorised Distributor), Micsig, GW and Pico, covering over 50 digital storage oscilloscope models, as well as handheld, analog and PC based oscilloscopes.

Our oscilloscope brands cover:

  • Rigol Technologies Inc -Australia's ONLY Authorised Distributor since 2004. 
  • Emona's Authorised Rigol contract guarantees Rigol factory support and Australia's ONLY official Rigol factory warranty
  • Micsig Instruments - Touch Screen Tablets
  • Pico Technology Ltd
  • GW Instrument Co

Our oscilloscope range covers:

    • Digital storage oscilloscopes from 25MHz to 12GHz bandwidth
    • Digital Storage oscilloscope sampling rates from 250MS/s to 5Ts/s
    • 2 Channel and 4 Channel digital storage oscilloscopes
    • Touch screen oscilloscopes
    • Analog oscilloscopes from 20MHz to 200MHz bandwidth
    • Analog oscilloscopes with CRT readout and cursors
    • Differential/Isolated input oscilloscopes - handheld, benchtop and PC-based
    • Handheld oscilloscopes
    • Oscilloscope probes - passive voltage probes, differential probes, HF demodulation probes and high voltage probes

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