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  • QL - I-V Curve Analysers

    I-V Curve Analysers

    PV Module Peak Power Measurements & PV Module Testing

Emona offers a comprehensive range of I-V curve analysers for photovoltaic (PV) module and array testing.

Our I-V curve analyser brands cover:

  • Metrel
  • PV Engineering GmbH

Our I-V curve analyser range covers:

  • Metrel Instaltest PV
  • PVPM2540C 250V/40A
  • PVPM6020C 600V/20A
  • PVPM1000C 1000V/20A
  • PVPM1000C40 1000V/40A
  • PVPM1000CX 1000V/20A
  • PVPM1000C100 1000V/100A

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