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At Emona, we are committed to being a responsible corporate citizen to our Australian and global communities and four key stakeholders: employees, customers, community, and business owners.


Emona Instruments Privacy Policy

We at EMONA Instruments Pty Ltd believe that your privacy is important to you. EMONA Instruments has always respected the information you supply us about you and your organisation.

For this reason, you may visit our website without identifying yourself or revealing any personal information at any time.

We collect you or your organisation’s details when the information is supplied by you in an incoming telephone call, fax message, email message, written communication or an on-site visit by an EMONA Instruments representative.

We make every effort in our marketing communications to provide you with our company’s business address, telephone number, fax number, email address and web site address at which we can be contacted and accept a request by you not to receive our direct marketing communications. We take very seriously an individual’s or organisation’s request not to receive direct marketing communications and delete or flag the information accordingly.

We do not collect for or sell or trade your name and details to any third parties.

Certain parts of our website require a password to visit in order to limit access to our information to TIMS users and potential users.
We do not collect your details when you use our Internet site except where expressly and clearly indicated, i.e. password protected areas of the site. Within those password protected areas of our site, we do keep records on user download activity for our own internal purposes of identifying interest and usability of that part of the site.

Although ‘cookies’ and/or similar technology is built into our systems we do not use this technology to collect personal details. We do keep unidentified statistics on page viewing activity of the site in general for the purposes of improving usability of the site.

Access to your details: You may ask to see the details we hold about you or your organisation but we require forty eight hours’ notice. You will be required to identify yourself with acceptable I.D. and we can email those details to you. We will not send information to generic email addresses like admin@, contact@ etc. You must have a personal email address. Under the Privacy Act we are within our rights to refuse to supply information if it is sought in a vexatious manner or is a matter that may be subject to legal jurisdiction or information that is exchanged or collected during the normal activities of business to business transactions.

If you have any queries regarding the EMONA Instruments Privacy Policy, feel free to contact us.

Emona Instruments Anti-Slavery and Human Trafficking Statement

Emona is committed to comply with laws prohibiting forced labor, slavery, and human trafficking. Emona believes in working with suppliers who are equally committed to being responsible corporate citizens, and we expect our suppliers to be responsible by adhering to the laws and regulations in the countries where they operate their businesses.

Emona communicates with our suppliers about our expectations. Emona expects our suppliers to comply with the standards of conduct regarding the fair treatment of workers and the prevention of forced labor, slavery, and human trafficking in the Responsible Business Alliance (RBA) Code of Conduct (available at responsiblebusiness.org/media/docs/RBACodeofConduct6.0_English.pdf).  

Emona evaluates each new supplier. The evaluation includes questions that specifically pertain to anti-slavery and human trafficking. Emona reviews survey responses to determine any action that should be taken to better enable identification and elimination of any forced labor and human trafficking in our supply chain that may be indicated by the responses. Should a supplier fail to meet Emona’s standards, management will review whether to proceed and request corrective actions or to terminate the relationship.

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