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Replaces 5 instruments with 12 tests in one instrument. Installation testing to AS/NZS3000 and AS/NZS3017. New "sockets in seconds" test with single push button and without trailing lead. Preset and user defined Pass/Fail limits.

  • Multifunction Installation Tester
  • Tests Sockets Without Trailing Lead
  • Pass/Fail Indication

The InstalTest COMBO is a multifunction installation tester, replacing a multimeter, insulation tester, RCD tester, loop impedance tester and phase sequence tester in a single portable instrument.

It provides 9 tests, more than any other comparable tester, provides Pass/Fail indication for installation verification and compliance testing, and tests sockets in seconds without a trailing lead.

InstalTest COMBO
Voltage 0 - 550V
Frequency 0 - 499.9Hz
Continuity 200mA for earth resistance and equipotential bonding
Insulation Resistance 50V to 1000V, 0.01Mohn to 200Mohm
RCD Testing trip time and trip current, 10mA, 30mA ... 1000mA, and with 0o or 180o starting polarity
Fault Loop Impedance
Phase Rotation
Socket Test
earth continuity, polarity and correct connections tests with a single push button and with Pass/Fail indication without trailing leads
Overvoltage Category 600V CAT III and 300V CAT IV
Includes mains measuring cable, 3 x test leads, 3 x test probes, 3 x crocodile clips, 5ohm and 10ohm resistor box for socket test, AC adaptor and NiMH rechargeable batteries

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