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The PAC-3P is a portable, battery powered 3 phase stand-alone test instrument for performing earth continuity and earth leakage current tests as required by AS/NZS 3760, including:

Earth continuity @ 200mA
Leakage Current Test - Mains-powered

The unit conducts a sequence test, starting with an earth continuity test and then proceeding with the leakage test. It indicates Pass/Fail and the actual measured readings on the LCD display and provides on-screen user prompts. It includes safety features such as preventing a leakage current test in event of a failed earth continuity test result. 20A and 32A extension lead test adaptor is included with an earth test pin terminal, which eliminates the need for probing of the extension lead earth.

Display LCD
Indication PASS/FAIL and measured values
Operation 2 push buttons

Earth Continuity Test:
Display Range
0.1ohm to 20ohm
Test Current 200mA
Pass/Fail Limit 1ohm
Accuracy better than 5% at 1ohm

Leakage Test:
Display Range
0.15mA to 9.99mA
Pass/Fail Limit 5mA
Accuracy better than 5% at 5mA

Power Source 2x9V batteries
Accessory PAC-3P-ELA 20A and 32A extension lead test adaptor with earth test pin


What types of electrical testing instruments are available?

Emona Instruments offers a wide range of electrical testing instruments, including those for testing and tagging, installation testing, EVSE (Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment) testing, and solar testing. These instruments are designed to ensure compliance with electrical standards and safety regulations.

What is the purpose of EVSE testing instruments?

EVSE testing instruments are used to test the safety and functionality of electric vehicle charging stations. These instruments ensure that the charging stations comply with safety standards and are operating correctly, providing a safe charging environment for electric vehicles.

What accessories are available for electrical testing instruments?

Emona Instruments provides various accessories to complement our electrical testing instruments. These accessories include test leads, probes, adapters, and carrying cases, which enhance the functionality and convenience of the testing instruments.

How can solar testing instruments benefit users?

Solar testing instruments are designed to test and verify the performance of solar panels and systems. These instruments help users ensure that their solar installations are operating efficiently and effectively, maximising energy production and ensuring compliance with industry standards.

What is the importance of installation testing instruments?

Installation testing instruments are crucial for verifying the safety and compliance of electrical installations. These instruments help identify potential issues, such as wiring faults or insulation problems, ensuring that installations meet safety standards and reducing the risk of electrical hazards.

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