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The ProTag PAC-TPL 3 phase leakage adaptor provides users of the Seaward PrimeTest Elite & PAC3760 DL with the capability of powering up 10A, 16A, 20A and 32A appliances and carrying out a leakage current test.

When used with the PrimeTest Elite, the test results are displayed on the PrimeTest Elite tester and logged as an asset test result. Automated test result logging removes the need for users to manually enter 3 phase test results, guaranteeing fully accountable 3 phase asset testing and tagging.
When used with the PAC3760 DL unit, the results are displayed on the PAC3760 DL with both the actual readings and a Pass/Fail display.
Procedure for carrying out tests is as follows:
1. Plug the Leakage 3-Phase Adaptor into the PrimeTest Elite or PAC3760 DL mains inlet socket.
2. Plug the equipment under test into the appropriate outlet socket on the Leakage 3-Phase adaptor.
3. Depending on the outlet socket used plug the matching plug into a 3-phase mains outlet.
4. Turn on the Leakage 3-Phase adaptor.
5. Connect the Earth Continuity probe to the PrimeTest Elite or PAC3760 DL and to a metal part of the enclosure of the instrument under test.
6. Select 3 Phase Test sequence on the PrimeTest Elite or press the 3-Phase button on the PAC3760 plus test instrument.
7. The PrimeTest Elite or PAC 3760 DL instrument will now perform an Earth Continuity test and display the test result.
8. The PrimeTest Elite or PAC3760 DL instrument will then perform a leakage test, at this point turn ON the equipment under test. The test will continue to run continuously.
9. To stop the test press and hold the 3-Phase button on the PAC3760 DL test instrument.
10. When the tests are complete the PAC3760 DL or PrimeTest Elite test instruments will display whether the test sequence is a pass or fail.
Earth Continuity see PrimeTest Elite or PAC3760 DL Test Instrument specifications
Test Voltage 3 phase supply voltage
Test Duration continuous
Display Range 0.15mA to 9.99mA
Measurement Range 0.25mA to 9.99mA
Accuracy +(5% + 2 digits)
Frequency Response 50Hz
Pass Value 5mA


What types of electrical testing instruments are available?

Emona Instruments offers a wide range of electrical testing instruments, including those for testing and tagging, installation testing, EVSE (Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment) testing, and solar testing. These instruments are designed to ensure compliance with electrical standards and safety regulations.

What is the purpose of EVSE testing instruments?

EVSE testing instruments are used to test the safety and functionality of electric vehicle charging stations. These instruments ensure that the charging stations comply with safety standards and are operating correctly, providing a safe charging environment for electric vehicles.

What accessories are available for electrical testing instruments?

Emona Instruments provides various accessories to complement our electrical testing instruments. These accessories include test leads, probes, adapters, and carrying cases, which enhance the functionality and convenience of the testing instruments.

How can solar testing instruments benefit users?

Solar testing instruments are designed to test and verify the performance of solar panels and systems. These instruments help users ensure that their solar installations are operating efficiently and effectively, maximising energy production and ensuring compliance with industry standards.

What is the importance of installation testing instruments?

Installation testing instruments are crucial for verifying the safety and compliance of electrical installations. These instruments help identify potential issues, such as wiring faults or insulation problems, ensuring that installations meet safety standards and reducing the risk of electrical hazards.

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