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Now PAT tester users can use any PAT tester and their asset management software, like Seaward's PATGuard, for testing, logging and reporting your switchboard RCD testing, not just for testing RCDs from the socket!

The PRO-RCD is a CAT III 600V rated adaptor for use by licensed electrical contractors for safe and compliant testing of RCDs at the switchboard using CAT II 300V rated RCD testers, as typically found on portable appliance testers. The PRO-RCD is not for use by competent person testing and tagging operators.

All portable appliance testers are rated CAT II and should not be used for switchboard RCD testing. Many licensed electrical contractors however want to test and manage switchboard RCD testing using their portable appliance tester and asset management software systems, like Seaward's PATGUARD.

The PRO-RCD is compatible with any portable appliance tester with RCD test function, as well as all Seaward appliance testers with RCD test function including PAC3760DL, PT300, PrimeTest PRO and PrimeTest Elite.

Single phase or three-phase connections to a switchboard is established using CAT III 600V leads and probes. Output is a standard Australian 240V socket for connection to a third party RCD TESTER.

Two strong magnets fixed to the back of the PRO-RCD will support the unit on vertical steel surfaces. The PRO-RCD is designed to be used in commercial/industrial environments typical of factories and manufacturing establishments, and is only to be used by licensed electricians.

Category Ratings - CAT II vs CAT III

Portable appliance testers are design to test the electrical safety of portable and domestic appliances that plug into a mains power socket, hence their category rating is CAT II. All work on switchboards requires at least CAT III rated test instruments. The PRO-RCD adaptor bridges this gap by allowing electrical contractors to safely test switchboard RCDs with any portable appliance tester.

PRO-RCD Functions

1 - Input Sockets – Neutral, PE (Ground) and Line (Active). Can only be used with CAT III 600V rated, shrouded 4mm plugs, leads and probes
2 - Neon Indicator confirms the INPUT is connected to live voltages.
3 - Neon Indicator confirms the OUTPUT socket has live voltages present.
4 – Twin Strong Magnets on the back of the case for holding the ADAPTOR onto vertical steel surfaces.
5 - Standard 3-Pin Socket for connection to an RCD Tester.

PRO-RCD Operation

The PRO-RCD is self powered when the INPUT is connected to a live mains source. The unit's operation is quick and easy and is described below:

1) Plug the CAT III 600V rated red, black and green 4mm, right angle banana plugs to the matching ADAPTOR INPUT sockets.
2) Plug the red and black probes and green alligator clip to the matching red, black and green leads. At this time, do not connect to probes and clip to any external devices.
3) Connect an RCD TESTER to the ADAPTOR’S OUTPUT socket.
4) Turn ON the RCD TESTER and select RCD Test Function.
5) Connect the green ADAPTOR INPUT PE alligator clip to switchboard PE (GROUND/EARTH).
6) Connect L (red) and N (black) probes to the DUT at the switchboard.
7) Confirm INPUT LIVE neon is lit, indicating the ADAPTOR is connected to a live circuit. If not, confirm connection and status of switchboard.
8) Confirm OUTPUT LIVE neon is lit, indicating ADAPTOR is connected to a mains voltage within the correct operating window of 180V to 265V.
CAUTION - If the OUTPUT LIVE neon is not lit, the RCD test can not proceed and fault finding of the switchboard may be required, or ADAPTOR fuses may need to be checked.
9) If INPUT and OUTPUT neon’s are lit as described in 7) and 8), initiate the RCD Test.


Input Three Sockets: 4mm shrouded and color coded: RED = active/L, BLACK = neutral/N, GREEN – earth/PE
Maximum Input 265V AC
Protection Fuse 2 x 1A F (fast acting) fuse, 10x38mm, rated at 500V or higher.
Neon Indication INPUT LIVE neon is lit when INPUT probes are connected to live voltages.
Power Consumption 5VA, 50Hz
Internal Relay Isolation
 - dual relays, in L and N circuits
 - normally open; relays close only when INPUT voltage is between 180V and 265V (+/-10%)

 Australian standard 240V/10A mains socket
Neon Indication OUTPUT LIVE neon is lit when RELAY contacts are closed indicating a mains voltage is present at the OUTPUT socket.
PE/Earth Directly connected from INPUT socket to OUTPUT socket.
Physical 204 x 102 x 95mm, 800gm.
Magnetic Back twin strong magnets to hold ADAPTOR to vertical steel surfaces.
Operating Environment 0 to 40C, without moisture condensation
Safety Rating tested to CAT III 600V. Independent Test Report ID 2020-05

Standard Accessories
Lead Set:
1 x RED 1.5m long, 4mm banana plugs, shrouded, 600V CAT III
1 x BLACK 1.5m long, 4mm banana plugs, shrouded, 600V CAT III
1 x GREEN 1.5m long, 4mm banana plugs, shrouded, 600V CAT III
Probe Set:
1 x RED 600V CAT III (with red plastic protective probe tip : DO NOT REMOVE)
1 x BLACK 600V CAT III (with black plastic protective probe tip : DO NOT REMOVE)

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