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The ProTag RCD-3P is a universal three phase RCD testing adaptor that can be used with any brand of RCD tester or portable appliance tester with RCD test function.

The ProTag RCD-3P ONLY suits 5 pin three phase sockets and is available in 2 models: RCD-3P-20A for 20A sockets and RCD-3P-32A for 32A sockets. The RCD-3P units feature three inbuilt 500V ceramic fuses, i.e. one fuse per phase, ensuring operator safety.

The RCD-3P allows for fast and easy 3 phase RCD testing:
1. Insert the three phase RCD testing adaptor's plug into the three phase socket outlet
2. Turn on your RCD/PAT tester to the RCD test function
3. Plug the RCD/PAT tester's test lead cable into the L1 socket of the RCD-3P
4. Ensure the RCD is reset and switched on at this stage
5. Conduct the desired RCD tests
6. Repeat the testing procedure carried out for L1 socket with L2 and L3 sockets
7. Note the RCD should be reset after tripping before continuing the tests.


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