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The VoltScanner is an ideal instrument for anyone that needs to ensure that computers and other electronic equipment are not being affected by poor quality line voltage. Simply set-up the event recording parameters via your PC, plug-in the VoltScanner and start monitoring.

  • Pre-set voltage limits for power quality assessment in accordance with EN 50160.
  • Recording of power supply outages and transient over voltages.
  • Quick voltage quality assessment for unskilled users.

Set-up Limit Values
Custom or EN50160 auto-mode
Plug-in to Mains Socket
LED and Buzzer indication of wrong polarity on outlet, indication that events have been captured and indicate 3,500 data memory is filled

Measuring and Recording
Events Mode: Dips/Sags, Swells, Voltage interruptions, Frequency fluctuations, Transients overvoltage
Downloading Connect to PC via RS232 port
Analysis of Data Periodics (max, min or average values) table of graphical
Statistics of all events by character, apparent and duration time, events selected by period of time (divided in day by day periods or divided period within a day)

Phase to Neutral 90 - 265V, 1V res
Neutral to Ground 0 - 155V, 1V res
Frequency 47 - 62Hz, 0.1Hz res
Transients 50 - 2600V, 5V res
Interface fully opto-isolated RS232
Memory 32kB, 3,500 events
Software Win XP/Vista/ for analysis of voltage quality against the set limits and print-out in table or graphical form. Control a network of instruments via a PC.

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