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The GLC-9000 Leakage Current Tester is used to perform leakage current (or touch current) tests on medical electrical (IEC 60601-1) and 50 pre-set test conditions for general purpose electric & electronic (IEC 60990) equipment. The tester provides 9 different measurement networks (MD) to simulate the human body while taking leakage current measurements in compliance with the specific standards or regulations.

DC Ranges 25.00mA to 50.00uA
AC or AC+DC Ranges 25.00mA to 50.00uA
AC Peak 75.0mA to 500.0uA
Equipment Under Test
Voltage 85V to 300V
Current 0.5A to 10A
Meter Mode 300V AC/DC 430V AC Peak
Interface RS232, GPIB, USB, Ext I/O

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