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Aerosol Jet 200


Aerosol Jet 200 Series Systems are a benchtop solution ideally suited for universities, ink developers, and others exploring the benefits of additive manufacturing for electronic and biologic applications.

The Aerosol Jet system supports a wide variety of materials,  including conductive nanoparticle inks, polymers, insulators, adhesives, etchants, and even biological matter that can be accurately deposited by the system onto planar and nonplanar substrates.

Aerosol Jet 200 Series Standard Features

  • Work area 200mm x 200mm
  • X,Y motion +/- 25 microns accuracy
  • One Ultrasonic Atomizer
  • Fine Feature Head with Shutter
  • Heated Vacuum Platen
  • System and Process Control Software
  • Tool Path Generation Software

Aerosol Jet 200 Series Print Capabilities

  • Fine Feature sizes to 10um
  • Wide Features Sizes to 1.5mm
  • Thin layer deposits from 100nm
  • Many inks and substrates
  • Ink viscosity range from 1-7 cP (Standard)
  • Ink viscosity range from 1-1000 cP (with Pneumatic Atomizer)
  • Planar and Non-Planar Capabilities