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Our web directory is in 3 sections: Electronic Test and Measurement, Electrical Testing and Engineering Teaching Equipment.


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Acute are a Taiwanese manufacturer of PC based logic analysers up to 64 channels, 200MHz speed and USB port interface.
URL: http://www.acute.com.tw/

CAMI Research Inc:
CAMI’s CableEye range is recognized around the world as a leader in the testing of multi-conductor cables and wire harnesses found in computers, networks, telecommunications products, instrumentation, and industrial equipment.
URL: http://www.camiresearch.com/

Combinova are a Swedish manufacturer of ELF and VLF measuring meters and systems. Combinova have lead the world for many years in the measurement of electro-magnetic emissions from high voltage power lines and VDUs.
URL: http://www.combinova.se/

EE Tools Ltd:
EE Tools is the US manufacturer of the popular ChipMax and TopMax range of programmers. Made in the USA, these programmers offer some of the quality and value for money in device programmers. Software support is also comprehensive and software updates are free of charge over the internet.
URL: http://www.eetools.com/

Elditest is a highly respected European manufacturer of high quality test and measurement accessories such as oscilloscope probes, differential probes, test leads, patch leads, cables, co-axial adaptors.
URL: http://www.sefram.fr/

Gage Applied Technologies, Inc:
Gage is a worldwide industry leader in high-performance PC-based digitizers. Product offerings include 8, 12, 14 and 16-bit A/D and Scope cards for PCI and CompactPCI/PXI bus with up to 5 GS/s sampling rates and up to 2 Gigabytes of memory, GageScope Software for programming-free operation, and powerful Application Development Kits.
URL: http://www.gage-applied.com/

Goodwill Instrument Co Ltd:
GW Instruments is Taiwan's leading manufacturers of test and measuring instruments. One of Taiwan's first T & M manufacturers with ISO9002, GW maintain their lead with advanced designs and competitive pricing. The GW range covers analog and digital oscilloscopes, generators, power supplies and a broad range of bench meters. GW is the most popularly recognized brand in Australian colleges and universities, supplying products to the demanding educational sector since 1981!
URL: http://www.goodwill.com.tw/

Kikusui Electronics Corp:
Kikusui are one of Japan's leading manufacturers of AC and DC power supplies, electronic loads and withstanding voltage and insulation testers.
URL: http://www.kikusui.co.jp/ 

Pico Technology Ltd:
Pico are UK based specialist manufacturers of PC-based data acquisition systems and virtual instruments. The popular PicoScope Series of adaptors, combined with PicoLog and PicoScope software provide users with powerful and flexible solutions at a fraction of the cost of traditional data acquisition systems.
URL: http://www.picotech.com/ 

Rigol Technologies Inc:
Estalished in Beijing in 1998 and available in Australia since 2004, Rigol is an emerging leader in the test and measurement field. Rigol's product line consists of Digital Oscilloscopes, Function/Arbitrary Waveform Generators, Digital Multimeters, Virtual Instruments with LXI compatibility and more.
URL: http://www.rigol.com/ 

Thurlby Thandar Instruments Ltd (TTi):
TTi are one of Europe's leading manufacturer's of electronic test and measuring instruments. Instruments manufactured by TTi include dc power supplies, laboratory power supply, system power supplies, ac power supplies programmable power supply, function generators, arbitrary generator, pulse generators, rf signal generator, digital multimeters, lcr meter, dc electronic load, frequency counters, counter timer, harmonic analysers, (harmonic analyzers), emc test equipment, logic analysers, (logic analyzers), data analysis instruments.
URL: http://www.tti-test.com/ 

Time Electronics Limited:
Time have been manufacturing test, calibration and measuring instruments for over 30 years. Their product range includes decade resistance, capacitance and inductance boxes through to process control calibrators, thermocouple simulation calibrators. Time are manufacture complete multimeter, oscilloscope and instrumentation calibration systems.
URL: http://www.time-electronics.co.uk/


BI Communications:
Design and manufacture of high quality, cost effective and innovative Test Instruments to the worlds Telecommunications and Data Communications Industries including products such as the TX4000, TX2003, TX2002, Lancanster Range, Quintest and CT100.
URL: http://www.bicommunications.co.uk/

Australia's leading multifunction installation tester with automatic reporting to speed up compliance reporting by electrical contractors to assist in meeting regulatory requirements for record keeping and providing reports of test to owner of occupier of the installation.
URL: http://www.instaltest.com.au/

Metrel are Slovenia's leading manufacturer of electrical measuring instruments, used in electrical contracting industry. From installations and data cabling instruments to energy management and high voltage testers.
URL: http://www.metrel.si/

ProTag Systems:
The ProTag Systems are Australia's fastest AS3760:2010 testing and tag printing systems.The ProTag Systems test portable appliances to AS3760:2010, print durable test tags on-site in seconds and download test results to PC for computerised record keeping and professional asset management. The ProTag systems allowa users to process up to 30 appliances per hour, providing efficiency gains, cost reductions and improved accountability compared to traditional manual electrical safety testing and tagging.
URL: http://www.protag.com.au/

Rigel Medical:
Rigel Medical manufactures a comprehensive range of advance technology Biomedical test and measurement equipment, including a dedicated range of Electrical Safety Analyzers, NIBP simulators, SPO2 simulators, Patient Simulators, Defibrillator Analyzers, Ventilator Testers and more.
URL: http://www.rigelmedical.com/ 

Seaward Electronic Ltd:
Seaward are a UK based manufacturer involved in Portable Appliance Testers, Machinery Testers, Electrical Installation Testers, Telecommunication Test Equipment and High Voltage Test Equipment.
URL: http://www.seaward.co.uk/

Standard Electric Works (SEW) Co Ltd:
SEW are a Taiwanese manufacturer of analog and digital instruments. For over 17 years SEW analog panel meters have been the choice of many Australian equipment manufacturers because of their quality construction and reliability.
URL: http://www.sew.com.tw/

Trotec GmbH & Co:
Trotec are a German manufacturer of thermal imaging cameras. Trotec combine high quality products with sophisticated analysis and reporting software to provide complete solutions for electrical contractors and thermal imaging service providers.
URL: http://www.trotec.com/ 


US based manufacturer of vocational and engineering systems. Cover a broad range of topics including: solar PV, wind turbines, manufacturing skills, process control, fluid power, thermal, electrical, electric motors, communications, robotics and automation.
URL: http://www.amatrol.com/

Armfield Ltd:
Armfield are a UK based manufacturer of engineering teaching and research equipment covering fluid mechanics, hydraulic machines, hydraulics & hydrology, water treatment, heat transfer, unit operations, process control technology, food technology and irrigation water management.
URL: http://www.armfield.co.uk/

Cussons Technology:
Cussons specialise in educational and research equipment for Marine Hydrodynamics, Naval Architecture and Maritime Studies. In addition to supplying individual items of equipment, Cussons also undertake complete turnkey projects for the design, supply, installation and commissioning of entire laboratories.
URL: http://www.cussons.co.uk/education/products/

DarbyTech Training Equipment Inc:
DarbyTech Training Equipment Inc custom designs and manufactures equipment used in chemical process operations in the energy sector. The company is a leading global supplier of process operations training equipment which is recognized around the world as the industry standard.
URL: http://www.darbytech.ca/

Great Lakes Neurotechnologies:
Great Lakes Neurotechnologies, from the USA, have designed hardware, software and curriculum materials that cover 30 topics in biomedical engineering, bioinstrumentation and biomedical systems subjects with an engineering teaching focus. The CleveLabs range covers from engineering basics, basic physiology and advanced physiology to advanced clinical applications.
URL: http://www.glneurotech.com/

Electronics Workbench:
Electronics Workbench are the Canadian based creators of "Electronics Workbench/MultiSim", the world's most popular circuit simulation tool for electronics teaching. By integrating schematic capture, simulation, and waveform analysis, users can perform what-if scenarios quickly and easily, bringing electronics to life for all levels of teaching.
URL: http://www.electronicsworkbench.com/

Feedback is a world leader in the design and manufacture of engineering teaching equipment for Universities, Colleges and Training Institutes. Their range covers electrical power and machines, control and instrumentation, process control, refrigeration and airconditioning, robotics, CNC and FMS.
URL: http://www.feedback-instruments.com/

Gampt Ultrasonic Solutions:
German based world leader in ultrasonic teaching and research equipment. Topics covered: sonography, doppler sonography and computer tomography (CT). Experiments covered: ultrasonic echoscopy, ultrasonic imaging, ultrasonic time-motion method (M-mode), ultrasound biometry, doppler sonography, and ultrasonic CT scanning.
URL: http://www.gampt.de 

Heliocentris Energiesysteme GmbH:
Heliocentris are the recognized market leaders for fuel cell education and training with the broadest product offering on the market. They deliver hydrogen and fuel cell educational products ranging from middle school up to university level. Heliocentris also offer a complete range of fuel cell and hydrogen solutions for R&D and industry. 
URL: http://www.heliocentris.com 

K & H Manufacturing:
K & H are Taiwanese manufacturers of a broad range of electronics teaching equipment covering breadboards, circuit prototyping, digital and analog trainers, as well as innovative electronics technology trainers covering TCP/IP, DSP and LabVIEW.
URL: http://www.kandh.com.tw/ 

LD Didactic:
LD Didactic GmbH is a globally leading provider of instructional systems for education. We offer complete solutions for general education in the natural sciences as well as for training in technology and the natural sciences. The combination of chemistry, biology, physics, photonics and technology allows us to offer you all-encompassing solutions.
URL: http://www.ld-didactic.de/en.html

Mann & Tel Co Ltd:
Manufacturers of state-of-the-art telecommunications trainers covering wireless embedded technology, bluetooth, mobile telecoms and antenna trainers.
URL: http://eng.manntel.com/main/main.asp

Ovio Optics:
Based in France, Ovio is a specialist manufacturer of optics and photonics experiments for physics teaching. The range offers very high quality optics performance at an affordable price, eliminating the traditional trade-off between quality and pricing in optics laboratory teaching equipment. Topics covered: Geometrical Optics, Diffraction, Interferometry, Polarization, Goniometry and Spectrum, and Photonic Systems.
URL: http://www.oviolabs.com

Quanser is the world leader in education and research-based systems for real-time control design and implementation, providing over 70 control challenges for all levels of university education and research.
URL: http://www.quanser.com 

SMC International Training:
SMC International Training is the educational division of SMC Corporation, the world leader in producing and supplying automation and pneumatic components, with over 50 years’ experience, working in over 75 countries and more than 30% of the world market share. Vast experience in the fields of industry and education has led us to develop a wide range of products and services to meet the need for skills training in mechatronics / industrial automation. SMC International Training offers: Didactic equipment, eLEARNING courses and Certification. Taking INDUSTRY‘s needs as benchmark, our training systems target universities, vocational training centres and technical training centres, plus major companies who provide their own training internally.
URL: http://www.smctraining.com

Terco are the recognised world leader in power engineering teaching systems covering electrical machines, power systems, transmission line and protection, and high voltage laboratories.
URL: http://www.terco.se/

Tims Telecommunications Instructional Modelling System:
TIMS is the world's most advanced telecommunications training system. TIMS uses the block diagram approach, allowing students, lecturers and researchers to model from the most basic up to the latest telecommunications systems.
URL: http://www.tims.com.au/

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