Emona Instruments

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Emona's Management System is ISO 9001-2015 certified. The scope of certification covers the supply, distribution, servicing and calibration of electrical/electronic measuring and test equipment and technical teaching equipment.

The calibration equipment used has been tested by a NATA recognised laboratory and has NATA recognised Certificates, including UKAS (UK), TR (Australia), and/or DAKKS (Germany)

You can view Emona's Certificate of Approval at the following link:



Traceability information on calibration equipment used by Emona is as follows:

Instrument Serial Number Certificate/Report No  Cal Due
Prema 6048 Digital Multimeter         1006 201809-152 13-Sept-2019
Time Electronics 5025 Calibrator 1027F04 0431970 5-Dec-2018
Time Electronics 5030 Calibrator 1019E13 0442401 11-July-2019
Optoelectronics 8030 Counter 79018-050593       NC18.34643  17-Sep-2019
Time Electronics 5045 Oscilloscope Calibrator  1118G18 0443053 25-Jul-2019